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Ayelet Sason

Ayelet Sason’s story begins when her son Yarin was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. As a young mother, Ayelet took it upon herself to be Yarin’s advocate and to create a safe and welcoming space for him in the world. She looked for ways to integrate him into different programs. Ayelet recognized that kids like Yarin have limited opportunities for social and cultural engagement. This is where the idea of creating a program for Yarin and others like him and their families started to grow.

Today Yarin is 21 and is the older brother to Ayelet and her husband Zion’s three other children. Ma’agalim brings a sense of belonging and community to Yarin and to the entire family, too.

Ayelet’s vision is supported by many others. Her friends as well as many caring volunteers and the local businesses are helping and proud to be involved and achieve the goals of this innovative project together. This collaboration brought massive positive feedback from participants, their families, caregivers and the local community. Its creating a unique, fun and supportive relationship between the special needs community and the general public

Ayelet is a graduate from “Tadmor Hotelier School” in Israel, which is a leading school in the A La Carte Professional. She is also an Accounting graduate from the College of Management Academic Studies in Israel.

Ayelet was a Hebrew Teacher for teens at Chabad in Agoura Hills for nine years.
In the past nine years she is also a dedicated her time and endless efforts to volunteer at another community programs.

Ayelet is involved and participated in many local special needs programs. She was invited several time to be a Keynote Speaker at charities events such as at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Zofim (Scouts) in which at Zofim she initiated “ The Zamid (Bracelet) Program for teens with special needs and is a successful ongoing program. Everyone who knows her, wants to help her, as she has an enthusiastic personality and they appreciate her dedication, love and support to others living with Autism and other disabilities.

She is ‘a force of nature” and passionate to fulfill the inclusion of the special needs community within the general public community, at all levels of social, educational and to lead them to live a productive life, all of which she is sharing ideas with similar people and organizations to promote the goals and act as a united community. She continues to be Yarin’s champion.

Rachel Weizman

Rachel was deeply touched and moved by Ayelet life story and is excited to apply her business experience, life long passion & love to education in serving the special needs community.
As early as 10 years old, Rachel became a certified counselor and organized weekly meetings and activities to kids in her community.
As a lieutenant, Rachel spend several years managing a special army program helping struggling females to acquire a profession and guide them to find their better place in society.
After the Army, Rachel earned her Bachelor degree in physical education from the Wingate Institute in Israel.
Brought to life two wonderful daughters, and is co-managing her family software business with her loving husband.
Rachel enjoy playing bridge, volleyball, hiking, biking, folk dancing, beach walk , clay sculpting, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.