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Board Of directors

Ayelet, Maaglim’s founder, is a proud parent of Yarin, her son, who was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old. As a young mother, Ayelet took it upon herself to be Yarin's advocate by creating a safe and welcoming space for him in the world. She looked for ways to integrate him with different programs.


Ayelet is a passionate “force of nature” focused on the inclusion of the special needs community within the general public. This translates to all levels of their lives, including: social, educational, as well as helping those with special needs to lead a productive lives. Ayelet has been working alongside other organizations


Ayelet is involved with and participates in many local special needs programs. She was invited several times to be a Keynote Speaker at charity events such as at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Tzofim (Scouts).


Ayelet graduated from “Tadmor Hotelier School” in Israel

as well Accounting graduate from the College of Management Academic Studies ”Colman” in Israel & was a teacher in Chabad of Agoura for 9 years.

Above all, Ayelet is a determined and compassionate mother for her four loving and supportive children. As a parent who wants the best for all her children, she has become a champion for her son Yarin, educating others and opening up opportunities for those with special needs to have the best quality of life we should all have.

Co-Founder,  CEO

Ayelet Sason

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Rachel Weizman

Co-Founder, CFO & COO

 Rachel was deeply touched and moved by Ayelet life story and is excited to apply her business experience, life long passion and love of education in serving the special needs community.At the age of 10, Rachel became a certified counselor and organized weekly meetings and activities for other kids in her community.

As a lieutenant in the IDF, Rachel spent several years managing a special army program helping struggling women acquire a profession and guide them to find a better place in society.

After the Army, Rachel earned her Bachelor's degree in physical education from the Wingate Institute in Israel. Along with her husband Moti, Rachel raised two wonderful daughters, now in their twenties, and manages her family software business.

In her free time,Rachel enjoys playing bridge, volleyball, hiking, biking, folk dancing, walks on the beach, clay sculpting, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Rachel is passionate about the work that Maagalim does and is proud to be a part of its leadership team.

Tamar Nisim

Secretary / Legal

Tamar Headshot.jpg

TTamar holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from UCLA, a Master’s
degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from CSU-Dominguez Hills, and
is currently earning a paralegal certificate from UCLA. She is a California-certified mediator.
She has extensive experience in business development and management. She spent seven years
as general manager of Sunset Olive Oil in Montebello, California building the company from its
inception to earning $68 million in revenue. As Chief Operating Officer of the Israeli American
Council, she helped expand the organization from 5 to 15 chapters. She is the co-founder of
Nissim Design, and architectural design firm in Sherwood Forest, California.

She actively volunteers in her community. Tamar co-founded and served as CEO of Shvilim,
which provides Jewish education classes. She is an active member of Peace in Education, a
CSU-DH affiliated organization that promotes community dialogue. Her family regularly hosts
emissaries from The Jewish Agency for Israel and is actively involved in the Tzofim Israeli
scouts organization. For the past year, she has been volunteering with Maagalim on various projects
and now serves as Secretary (Officer) for the organization. 

Tamar enjoys connecting to the land through her travels throughout the U.S. with her husband
and three children in their RV. They return regularly to Israel spend time with family and friends.s.


Nufar Kadosh Azulay

Volunteers Coordinator

Nufar Kadosh, manages Maagalim’s Teen Volunteer Program, which provides inclusive exposure and opportunities for young adults to learn, contribute and form lasting bonds. 

Nufar received a B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California and is a mother to three young boys. She joined the Maagalim team because of her deep commitment to the organization’s mission. An important goal she has is to help raise widespread awareness for Maagalim’s cause so that students will look to it for meaningful volunteer opportunities. She is also working to build strong relationships with middle and high school leaders who can direct students to explore Maagalim. Nufar feels fortunate to be apart of this important organization and is looking forward to continue her contributions in its subsequent growth.

Orly Caspi

Event Coordinator


Orly Caspi is Maagalim event coordinator she is the heart behind our monthly events for special needs.

Born in Rishon Le Zion, Israel, Orly graduated with an AA in Optometry and served in the army working on all the technical optic parts of the Tanks .

At 23 years old, she and her husband moved to the United States, originally New York, to pursue a new life and career before moving to California shortly after.
As a new mother, she earned childhood education credentials and worked as a teacher at the Malibu Jewish Center for seven years.

Now, as a mother of three and a new grandmother to her first grandchild, Orly is still active as ever! She is the co-founder and an experienced business owner of 2 successful restoration and construction business where she works around the clock.
she loves yoga, zumba, Pilates, and spending time with her family and friends (the house is never empty!).

Orly joined Maagalim because she wanted to take an active role within her community
Take pride being park of such organization, spreading love and bringing joy and happiness to the special-needs community. 

Cherish every moment of giving back

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