Ayelet Sason, Co-Founder and President

Ayelet, Maaglim’s founder, is a proud parent of Yarin, her son, who was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old. As a young mother, Ayelet took it upon herself to be Yarin's advocate by creating a safe and welcoming space for him in the world. She looked for ways to integrate him with different programs.


Ayelet is a passionate “force of nature” focused on the inclusion of the special needs community within the general public. This translates to all levels of their lives, including: social, educational, as well as helping those with special needs to lead a productive lives. Ayelet has been working alongside other organizations


Ayelet is involved with and participates in many local special needs programs. She was invited several times to be a Keynote Speaker at charity events such as at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Tzofim (Scouts).


Ayelet graduated from “Tadmor Hotelier School” in Israel

as well Accounting graduate from the College of Management Academic Studies ”Colman” in Israel & was a teacher in Chabad of Agoura for 9 years.

Above all, Ayelet is a determined and compassionate mother for her four loving and supportive children. As a parent who wants the best for all her children, she has become a champion for her son Yarin, educating others and opening up opportunities for those with special needs to have the best quality of life we should all have.

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