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Music Performance Annual Program

Music Performance is an annual program. Registration for current participants is offered by invitation only. Please check your email for the registration link.

Interested in Joining Our Music Performance Team?

We currently have openings for 1-2 singers. Please email (maagalimcircels@gmail.comus a short video of your child singing their favorite song, along with your name and phone number. Anat, the Program Director, will reach out to you.

About Maagalim Music Performance:

Maagalim Music Performance has had several impressive performances on stages, each in front of 250 - 400 audience members. We are looking to expand our reach and impact.


Thank you for considering Maagalim's Performance Team!

At any time, we encourage advanced musicians to join our waiting list by emailing requests to :

Click the button below to view & register additional classes and events.

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